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It's been a long time since I wrote my last blog. There are a lot of shows that I haven't written about yet. I hope to do it at some point. Anyway, I'd like to write a blog about our show in Engelburg... Where shall I start?

Engelburg is our hometown, that's why it was a great privilege to play there. In fact, it was the first time in four years that we played there. This show also marked the end of the regular "Rail Tracks Tour". There will be a few more solo shows but no more band shows - unfortunately. We began this journey in February and every single show was a lot of fun. We also kept our promise to change the setlist of every show. Back to Engelburg.

My friend Claude Loetscher was our special guest for this show. He recorded "The Journey of your Life" with me for my recent album "Rail Tracks". We sang it together on stage for the first time. Further, we played a new song that we wrote together, which is called "Get on Board". It was Claude's first stage performance ever and he did a brilliant job. During the soundcheck we went through a many songs. We wanted to play songs we hadn't played for a while (Weeping Song, Into Eternity, Journey of your Life) and songs we had never played, such as Across the Sea in a band version or Get on Board.

Claude went on stage at 8.15pm and I was happy to hear the audience cheering - that's what he needed; there was just an excellent atmosphere in the audience and I got pretty excited to go on stage myself. At 8.30pm we went on stage and Claudio's synthesizer rang in an incredible night. In my opinion, it was one of the - or probably "THE" - best show we have ever played; and further, it was also the longest show we have played on this tour. On every setlist we have so-called "joker-songs". We only play them if the atmosphere is alright. As there was an amazing bond between the audience and us, we played every song on the list and it lasted more than 2 hours. There was so much energy coming from the audience; it was magic! After the show someone told me that we spread positive energy to everyone; I think, that's what music - and art in general - is about. The audience gives energy to us and we give it back - a beautiful relationship!

We had a great party with some friends later and could nearly see the sunrise when we got home....

As always, you'll find the setlist below.

Next stop is London...

See you soon! Gion x

Setlist: 1.    Follow the Rails 2.    Crowded Room 3.    Shadow Man 4.    Into Eternity 5.    The Stranger 6.    I'll Cry Forever 7.    Mercy 8.    Across the Sea 9.    The Weeping Song 10.  Only One Place 11.  Weight of the World 12.  A Better Day 13.  Fading 14.  Story of my Life 15.  Full Moon 16.  Book of Love 17.  Shackled & Drawn 18.  Get on Board (feat. Claude Loetscher) 19.  Alexandra Leaving 20.  Where are you now? 21.  No Control 22.  Drum Solo by Reto 23.  Don't Look Back 24.  Tantalos 25.  The Whole World

ENCORES 26.  Seaman Leeman 27.  Man in the Middle / Shadow Man 28.  Letting Go 29.  The Journey of your Life (feat. Claude Loetscher)

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