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Madness #1


While the plane is accelerating, thoughts are whirling around and around, around they go in both directions, meeting, greeting, hushing, rushing, 'til the sun goes down and night falls in.  I read all the words written by wise men finding shelter in madness, Ginsberg's 'Howl' is howling in my head, while Mickey Mouse is on Heroin, Donald Duck is on crack and smack is singing to the moon.  The pens are rolling and rolling, vomitting words and meaningto the stars, among whom they might seem small, but it's those,who created them, who gave them meaning.  Muse of madness, mind thy mouth, I've heard wise men talk on serious matters, influenced by dragons, not by muses.  Inside, the world has been shaped, shaped by language, written for the future, not the past that's gone, while the past once was the present of the future.  We won't meet the same river twice, as famously claimed, so is life just a flow of impressions and emotions, experienced in a space of limits and - - space is likewise limited, no further than the border, no broader than the screen of life is showing, while life is but a screening of madness.  Sometimes good, sometimes bad, flowing flowing flowingexperiencing, making, shaping, taking, creating, living, dying, crying, laughing, 'til life itself becomes a myth.  Good isn't what it was and will never be what it is,morals change while the word stays and struggles to understand itself, but a changing figure will never find its core.  Myth destroyed by mythology, hissing serpents biting their tail, a tale full of letters describing common sense, a sense that has been lost in notes and coins.  Buy me meaning, buy me sense, buy me all that life dependson central figures of healing holinesswho find themselves in nothingness.  Accelerate! Accelerate! Faster we go! Faster we fly!towards no reason, towards a future. "We got no future" - Sure we do! What kind of time will dine with wine on our last supper, a time will come for sure, there's no limit in time. What we rightly do today, will be wrong tomorrow.  Right and wrong have gone living in the clouds,sometimes it might rain them down to fertile soil, it won't gain meaning due to the loss of words.  You won't meet the same river twice or more, but still you'll enjoy wetting your feetDeep - Deep - Stones - Stream Sound and noise and blue and grey, the day has come, the time is nigh. It's time to landOn the groundSafe & Sound

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