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"Rail Tracks" Tour Diary #9: St. Gallen 2

Done... 2 sold out shows in my hometown. What an experience!! Thank you all so much! We had such a great time on stage tonight. It was a long show... I couldn't imagine going on stage this afternoon. But to be honest, I got used to this feeling. I'm always tired before beginning concerts. I spent the day sleeping and watching movies; lazy day. Made a big mistake though: 1 hour before leaving home I fell asleep. A powernap might have been useful, but I slept too long for a effective powernap. When I took a shower after the nap I went through the setlist (which was pretty long...) and I thought: I won't make it... I used to become very nervous and worried about the show. Thank god I know myself meanwhile and I trusted my feeling that I would feel much better on stage - that's the way it is usually. If someone asked me 10mins before show start if I was ready, I would have to say: No!! I won't survive this show. But as soon as I see the audience waiting for our show, everything changes inside me and I feel like I could play forever. Pure magic!!

We all felt much more relaxed and it felt easier go get to the audience. There was less stress before the concert began and we kind of knew what we would have to expect. Nevertheless, we changed the setlist. Claudio and I rehearsed the song "Human Strings" during the soundcheck. We haven't played it for 5 years!! Furthermore, Mike Lingg joined us for "Scarborough Fair". He's an amazing Irish Flute player. In general, the setlist differed pretty much from the one on Friday. I felt that something was wrong with the energy in the first part. I guess it was better today. We played the song "Three Feathers" for the first time. I thought it was a rather melancholic (or sad?) song... But something was in the air... I can't explain the feeling I had during this song. It's a very personal song for a friend of mine. Even though she wasn't there, I felt some kind of a presence... and "I know I should be scared, but something tells me to smile, 'cause I know that it's you!" If you're interested, please find the two setlists below.

After the show we went to my favourite bar (again!!) and had some good chats..

I'm gonna get some sleep now... There might be much more to tell about the shows, so I might write another blog sometime, don't know yet.

Good night everyone! Gion x

Setlist: 22 February

1. Follow the Rails 2. Crowded Room 3. Shadow Man 4. Window to the Sea 5. Only One Place 6. I'll Cry Forever 7. The Stranger 8. Weeping Song 9. Weight of the World 10. The Whole World -- 11. Full Moon 12. Book of Love 13. Shackled & Drawn 14. Mercy 15. Soldier's Dream Part 1 16. In your Arms 17. Where are you now? 18. Tantalos 19. Don't Look Back 20. No Control 21. Man in the Middle

Encores: 22. Letting Go 23. Journey of your Life _________________________

Setlist: 23 February

1. Follow the Rails 2. Crowded Room 3. Shadow Man 4. I'll Cry Forever 5. The Stranger 6. Better Day 7. Scarborough Fair 8. Weight of the World 9. Only One Place 10. Seaman Leeman -- 11. In the War 12. Mercy 13. Book of Love 14. Across the Sea 15. Three Feathers 16. Human Strings 17. Part of the Distance 18. Where are you now? 19. Tantalos 20. Don't Look Back 21. No Control 22. Man in the Middle 23. The Whole World

Encores: 24. Little Baby Girl 25. Letting Go 26. Journey of your Life

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