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"Rail Tracks" Tour Diary #8: St. Gallen 1

Just came back from the first of two gigs in St-Gall. I was looking forward to playing at the beautiful "Keller der Rose". We had a wonderful concert in there three years ago. I guess there is something about the atmosphere of this venue. We had a lot of fun tonight, played some songs we haven't played for a while. When we were setting up out stuff, we didn't notice that it was snowing pretty much outside... We postponed the beginning of the show for a few minutes as some people had troubles on the streets. At the beginning, it wasn't easy to build a contact between the audience and me. It might have been the delay or the stress in the car... I don't know. But the third song, Shadow Man, broke the ice. As I wrote in another blog, I promised not to play the same setlist twice. So we changed some songs. There was one part in the first set in Münchwilen that for some reason took the energy away. It was much better tonight I think. After the break I played some songs without the band. One of them was one of the first songs I have ever written - of course, I re-arranged it. I don't know why I forgot about this song, kinda like it... It's called "In your arms", might play it more often in the future. Samuel, Orlando, Claudio and I went to my favourite bar after the show and had some drinks. I'm not sure if I told you that I've got my own drink at Einstein Bar, it's called "Cavallo Selvaggio". The basis of this drink is "GingerGion"; that's ginger vodka. You should try that one...  Anyway... next show tomorrow (today??). We'll change the setlist again... Will play songs we haven't played on this tour yet and I also might grub out some very old stuff again... we will see.  To everyone who came tonight: Thank you very much!! You've been fantastic!To everyone who will come tomorrow: Looking forward to seeing you! Good night...  Off & Out,  (Ginger)-Gion

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