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Just came back from a solo show in Zurich... Valentine's Day... Thought of playing a romantic set - well, I didn't. Had a fun show at Schneiderei in Zurich. It was probably the smallest venue I've ever played in... it was like a living room, well, it probably IS a living room. I had the pleasure to share the stage with the wonderful Andrea Wellard - beautiful voice and songs. You might remember my spontaneous session with Kelly in England... we sang Bruce Springsteen's "If I should fall behind". Tonight, Andrea and I thought we could try to sing a song together, too. We decided to sing "Falling Slowly" by Glen Hansard. Didn't know the song, but glad I do know it now...

There is not much more to be said about tonight's show... Looking forward to playing Zurich with The Lighthouse Project in April.

Need to get some sleep, as I gotta get up again in 4 hours to shoot a video clip for one of the Rail Tracks...

Off and out.. Gion x

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