"Rail Tracks" Tour Diary #4

2:05am... Last day in England... It feels like I am here for two days. I didn't really realize everything that has happened and it will take sometime to do so. Anyway... I had my last interviews yesterday at ICR (Sophie's Choice and G-Man's Bag). Both interviews were great fun and went well. We spent the last day in a beautiful little town called Lavenham - found some spooky houses!! After dinner (full English breakfast..) we enjoyed some movies and some drinks... enough about that. Gotta get some sleep now. Back to Switzerland in a few hours.

Good night everyone!

Cheers, Gion x

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ACCELERATE! While the plane is accelerating, thoughts are whirling around and around, around they go in both directions, meeting, greeting, hushing, rushing, 'til the sun goes down and night falls in.

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