"Rail Tracks" Tour Diary #3

Just returned from the concert at the Steamboat in Ipswich. We had a brilliant night and it was a pleasure to share the stage with Chasing Storms and Reb Capper. Kelly of Chasing Storms and I had the spontaneous idea of singing a duet. We did not know each other personally until we met tonight at the soundcheck; nevertheless, we decided to sing "If I should fall behind" by Bruce Springsteen as duet. I was a bit afraid of forgetting the lyrics on stage (and I think, so was she), but it was beautifully!! Hope I can upload a video of it soon. When I started playing the song "Tantalos", I saw a guy who wasn't looking well - pale face, weak. Suddenly, during the song he fainted and fell on the floor. I stopped playing as I wasn't sure if he was alright... I took him sometime and I didn't really know what to do. Thought of telling a joke, but would not have been appropriate I guess... Thank god, someone shouted "Go on", so I started a relaxing song.

Anyway... Some Father Ted now...

Off and out, Gion x

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