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I haven't had much time to write blogs during the last tour leg. The show at "Rock am Weier" in Wil is pretty long ago, I'll try to remember some points. I was amazed by the beautiful venue: The festival is set at a little lake right outside the old town of Wil. We arrived early and enjoyed the beautiful weather, listened to some other bands. While having dinner, Claudio and I were attacked by these birds (see picture below).

This might sound weird: It was nearly too comfortable to go on stage. However, we played a 1 hour set including the song "Healing of the Soul". We haven't played this one for a while and I was surprised how well it went... Compared to Shadow Man, a song we play at nearly every show. I jumped from the first chorus to the bridge and it took a while until I noticed that something was wrong. I'm glad to share the stage with such brilliant - and spontaneous - musicians. We found each other again soon. My personal highlight was "Tantalos". I nearly fell off stage while I grabbed the hand of a young lady in the audience. Our friends "Pirmin Baumgartner" performed on the same stage afterwards. Dark clouds were coming during their show and it started raining... heavily!


1.   A Better Day 2.   Shadow Man 3.   No Control 4.   Healing of the Soul 5.   Don't Look Back 6.   Cascade 7.   Fading 8.   Tantalos 9.   The Whole World 10.  Seaman Leeman 11.  Man in the Middle

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