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And again, I had to speak French during my concert today. The more I do it, the more comfortable I feel. However, people always enjoy my mistakes. Today was the first showcase that my manager Sophie, who organised my showcase tour (FNAC, Paris, Montreux Jazz), was not with me. As she is French, she used to do all the talking to the shop managers and helped me translating my song announcements. Moreover, it's just good to have someone with you. It was weird to sit backstage all alone. Fortunately, the staff was very friendly and we had a good time. There is not much to say about today's showcase at FNAC in Lausanne. It was a good atmosphere and I met some cool people. I love this town anyway. Have some great memories there... As always, you'll find the setlist below.  Good Night - off and out!Gion x Setlist:1. Full Moon2. Book of Love3. Little Baby Girl4. A Better Day5. Only One Place6. Sin City7. Shackled&Drawn8. Man in the Middle--ENCORE9.   Lucy10. Follow the Rails

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