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Abtwil show done... Last show of this tour leg.

We had a photo shooting in the afternoon. It was fun but exhausting as well. I played a solo concert around 5pm; full band show was in the evening. I was told right before going on stage for the solo performance that due to delays I'd have to shorten my performance. Good way to say hello, isn't it? Anyway, I had a good time on stage and the audience was brilliant. Right after this performance we set up the stage for the band show. We didn't have the time for a proper soundcheck and there was no real technician who was responsible for us. We went on stage and it sounded horrible. Some instruments were too loud, others were muted. Everyone of us tried to stay as calm as possible but it was difficult. There was a division in the audience. One part sang with me and enjoyed themselves, the other one preferred sitting there talking to each other. I tried to calm them down, as they annoyed the ones who were listening, but it didn't work. Especially when I sang "Where are you now?" I thought of stopping the song and of telling them to be quiet at least for this song. But I didn't want to be like a teacher. It's their choice and of course, they had the right to talk. But it wasn't respectful for the people who were there to enjoy the concert. I recently went to see Chris de Burgh at Hallenstadion Zurich. Even there, some people pay big money for a seat. But all they do is talking during the show. It's probably cheaper to chat in a bar :) Anyway, enough complaining for now. Let's talk about the other part of the audience:

There was a little boy (aged 2 probably) and he was right in front of the stage, dancing. I often went down and gave him a high five. He was too shy at the beginning but seemed to enjoy it later. When I played "Where are you now?" and the band left the stage, he climbed on stage and wanted to get my guitar. I announced him as our newest and youngest band member. Despite all difficulties, I enjoyed performing.

Can't believe it... But the next stop will be Paris... Il faut d'améliorer mon Français!

A bientôt!

Setlist: 1. Full Moon 2. Book of Love 3. Little Baby Girl 4. Shackled & Drawn -- 1. Follow the Rails 2. Shadow Man 3. Crowded Room 4. A Better Day 5. Stranger 6. Cascade 7. Where are you now? 8. Tantalos 9. Don't Look Back 10. No Control 11. Man in the Middle

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