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We played at "Langstars", it's actually a hostel. A very nice place and cool staff. The soundcheck took more time than expected and we didn't have much time for dinner. The first part of the show was pretty mellow, probably a bit too mellow. Weight of the World and Fading... two tough songs before the break. But the second part was... sick! It was a very loud audience and some people went nuts during Tantalos. Someone hold me and didn't want to let go of me anymore; had to use all my strength to go back on stage. If you're reading this: Hope I didn't hurt you!

We felt pretty good on stage. I didn't do any mistakes.. Surprised me as well!!


1. Follow the Rails 2. Crowded Room 3. Shadow Man 4. Only One Place 5. Mercy 6. A Better Day 7. Window to the Sea 8. The Stranger 9. Cascade 10. Weight of the World 11. Fading -- 12. Full Moon 13. Book of Love 14. Shackled & Drawn 15. Sin City 16. Where are you now? 17. Tantalos 18. Don't Look Back 19. No Control 20. The Whole World ENCORES: 21. Seaman Leeman 22. Man in the Middle 23. The Journey of your Life

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