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Lucerne... What a night! The venue was called "Gleis13", means "Platform13". The whole venue is designed in railway-style. Fit perfectly to present my new album Rail Tracks, doesn't it? We went to a restaurant close to the venue, I guess it's called "Gartenhaus". If you're around Lucerne, go there. Delicious food and very friendly staff.

I was a bit concerned about my voice, as smoking was allowed in the venue. The promoter told me that ventilation was good and fortunately, he was right. I had a very bad experience once in Germany. I played in a very smoky bar; after 30mins, I lost my voice.

The audience was loud and sang with me. There was a good energy from the beginning. We played Cascade, a song we hadn't played for a pretty long time; we didn't rehearse it, but as it is one of the first songs we have ever played (sometime in 2006), every band member knows it by heart. The second part was even louder... People started dancing in front of us and it got pretty crazy.

We had a good party after the show. But that's not part of the tour diary.....

Off & out!


1.    Follow the Rails 2.    Crowded Room 3.    Shadow Man 4.    Only One Place 5.    Mercy 6.    Stranger 7.    I'll Cry Forever 8.    A Better Day 9.    Cascade 10.  Weight of the World 11.  Fading -- 12.  Full Moon 13.  Book of Love 14.  Sin City 15.  Shackled & Drawn 16.  Where are you now? 17.  Tantalos 18.  Don't Look Back 19.  No Control 20.  The Whole World Encores: 21.  Seaman Leeman 22.  Man in the Middle 23.  The Journey of your Life

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