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Back from Arbon... It's a nice old Roman town at Lake Constance. We played in a venue called "CupHub", for the 3rd time. Every time we enjoy the amazing hospitality of the owners, Beni and Lidia. Thanks again!

It was a strange show... We had a lot of fun on stage and the audience was awesome. There was a good atmosphere during the show. We had some problems during the soundcheck. The piano broke for some reason and we had to get another one. I like to relax before a show; due to these technical difficulties, we were in a hurry. There wasn't a lot of time to warm up and to focus. But as soon as we went on "stage" (it wasn't a stage though), we were in a very good mood. It was the first concert after the break. I went on holiday, pretty far away from here; my mind was still on holiday I guess. I have never made so many mistakes... I forgot so many words and lines. That's why I wasn't happy with my performance. On the other hand, people enjoyed these mistakes, as I had to improvise. It was a pretty long show (setlist below) and I tried new songs. Further, it was one of the first shows that I didn't play "Where are you now?". Many people asked me why I didn't play it. To be honest, I don't know why. But I put it back in the set one week later. People often tell me stories, very private stories, of their lives and of whom they think during the song. I didn't know that people would be so much touched by this song and it makes me very happy to hear how it evokes emotion and moreover, how it gives strength to them.

Gonna write the next blog... Lucerne!

Setlist: 1. Follow the Rails 2. Shadow Man 3. Only One Place 4. Mercy 5. Stranger 6. I'll Cry Forever 7. Weeping Song 8. Weight of the World 9. Crowded Room 10. A Soldier's Dream 1 11. Fading -- 12. An Ocean Inbetween (New) 13. Book of Love 14. Shackled & Drawn 15. Sin City 16. Down (request) 17. Rainbow Bridge (New) 18. Letting Go 19. Tantalos 20. Don't Look Back 21. No Control 22. The Whole World Encores: 23. Seaman Leeman (request) 24. Man in the Middle 25. Journey of your Life

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