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I'm writing this blog on a train. It's beautiful outside: Sunny and fresh snow - and I thought spring was coming... I usually write my tour blogs right after the concert, I was too tired yesterday though.

The show in Aarau was one of the best so far!! Nice venue, a great (and loud!!) audience and brilliant promoters. Let me say something about the promoters:

I was booked by a guy called Raph of Improv Theatre group "Hirschwahn". Every month they organise an event called "SWING" at Kulturhaus Flösserplatz. Of course, Hirschwahn performs there, but they also ask other artists to go on stage. I've heard of such Improv groups before, never seen one live though. It blew me away... These guys didn't know what they would have to do, nothing planned. I guess it takes a lot of quick thinking - I might be too slow for it. But I want to go to a rehearsal sometime to see how it works. Check them out on Facebook and try to see them live - you won't regret it:

I didn't have a lot of energy yesterday morning and to be honest, I thought of canceling the show. But I know myself nowadays and I never decide before 12pm. Went to see my vocal coach in the afternoon and worked on some stuff that will also help me in times when I lack of energy. Usually, my energy comes back as soon as I set my feet on stage - and it happened again yesterday. There was a great connection between the audience and me and I enjoyed it very much. After my soundcheck I saw three guys of Hirschwahn dancing on stage, just for fun. As it was "Improv" I asked them to join me on stage for my song "No Control". It was hard not to laugh my head off while they were dancing and fooling around behind my back. At one point they were jumping and I thought the stage will crash soon. Might have messed up the lyrics, don't remember. I saw some people filming it, will get to seem them hopefully. I think not only me but also the dancers had no control... As you might know, I wrote all the songs of my new record "Rail Tracks" while I was travelling all over Europe by train. I wrote many more songs than the ones that made it on the record. There were two reasons why I didn't record them: Either they were crap or I forgot about them. One I forgot about is called "Sin City". I've never played it live before, but might keep it in the setlist henceforth. Was surprised that I remembered the lyrics yesterday. You'll find the full setlist below.

I was very surprised to see some friends I haven't seen for ages in the audience. We had a good chat and some drinks in my favourite English pub in Aarau. Aarau was my "home" for some weeks. I did my army service in the military orchestra there and I spent most of my time off in this pub. Was great to see the staff again - and they still do great drinks...

The next show will be in Lausanne on Friday, 22nd March. I will be Alejandro Reyes' support Act. Alejandro participates at MyCokeMusic and needs your help. If he wins, he will be able to record his debut album. He's an amazing musician and friend. Please vote for him:

On Saturday, 23rd March, I will do a Showcase at FNAC Rive in Geneva. You'll find all details on

That's it for now... Thanks to everyone who reads my blogs. Hope you enjoy them.

Cheers, Gion

Setlist, Aarau:

1.   Full Moon 2.   Book of Love 3.   Little Baby Girl 4.   Only One Place 5.   Mercy 6.   Man in the Middle 7.   A Better Day 8.   Sin City 9.   I'll Cry Forever 10.  No Control 11.  Shackled&Drawn 12.  Lucy

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