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"Rail Tracks" Tour Diary #1

Hi Folks,

hope you're doing well. I actually planned to write a diary entry every day, failed on the first day already - sorry for that. When I arrived in England last night I was tired after a long journey and I could not be bothered to write anything - anyway, I'll try to summarize...

I played at SUD in Basel the night before I left Switzerland; supported the wonderful Sareena Overwater there, terrific night!! Thanks again to Sareena and her crew. Due to the snow (it isn't a lot of snow for a Swiss person...) both trains, TGV Zurich to Paris and the Eurostar Paris-London, had delays. But as always, I met very interesting people on the trains - that's what I love about travelling.

Sophie, my promoter in England, put a busy schedule together for this week. This morning I worked on some graphic stuff with Glen, the Graphic Designer of my forthcoming album "Rail Tracks". Just had a 2 hour show with King Bizket on ICR FM. It was a lot of fun and pretty relaxed. Talked about old music - one of the songs he played was recorded in 1927!! I played 2 songs live. I guess the show will be online sometime soon.

More interviews tomorrow. Dinner is ready now - will speak to you soon!

Off and out, Gion x

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