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Mai '12: Bound to Bound to Freedom

Hello everyone,

Hope you're all well and enjoying the sunny days as much as I did last week. I did a lot of travelling and meeting people, felt really good and I feel that a creative energy is coming back.

When I was still going to school I always was looking forward to summer holidays; I thought I would write hundreds of songs during those weeks - in fact, I did nothing... or I wrote a few crappy songs that I threw away after some days. I often got worried and asked myself if I lost my creativity, my ideas ... or my muse? But always when school started again and the days got shorter and shorter, I wrote a lot of new stuff. I started believing that it must be the weather, the atmosphere.

But now I know myself better and I compare myself with some kind of an accumulator: Before you can use it, you have to charge it. So when I was on holidays, my head was gathering inspirations. As soon as it was fully charged, I could knock out songs.

My life is not anymore as structured as it was during my school days, so those creative times come and go. I tried so write songs, but I could not use anything. After this week I feel ready again, I feel the creativity flowing though my veins and I'm not leaving home without a notebook (not an electronic one!! I can't be creative on laptops).

It's not only travelling and meeting people that inspired me, but also some new tunes. A friend introduced me to the music of Jake Owen - it blew me away! Claude Lötscher and I did a spontaneous cover of his song "Journey of your Life" a few days ago. Check it out by clicking on the video on the right side. (Hope it'll work... still not very used to blogspot)

I love such spontaneous ideas... nowadays... I used to be a control freak, everything had to be planned. I don't know why really - probably it was my Europe Trip last year? - but I have tried to loose control. Since then so many unexpected things happened to me. I met people I had only met in my dreams so far, played at incredible places,... A friend of mine, Jon Spanyol, sings in a song "good things come to those who wait" - so true!

As you can read, a lot has changed and a lot will change. Last summer I recorded the new album "Bound to Freedom" with my band "The Lighthouse Project". We worked on it for nearly a year and I can't wait until this CD will finally be released on 9th June. I'm sure "Bound to Freedom" will have a good life and find a way to some hearts. My mind is much further already. As I wrote at the beginning of this blog, I'm writing again - a lot!! And I did a lot of writing in February and March. But I'm missing this freedom as I am still bound to the new album in a certain way. On 9th June I will tally this album and feel free for everything to come - it might be what you expect or what you don't expect ... I don't know yet and to be honest, I don't want to know. Some people tell me to finally define my music. I guess, I can be defined by not being definable.

Anyway... just some thoughts.

Have a good weekend, either charge your accumulators or use the energy!

Cheers, Gion

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