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April'12: Life through a Lens

Hi There

My last blog entry was some time ago... I feel like sharing some thoughts with you. Not sure if I will finish tonight as I can nearly see the sun rising again.... Would make a beautiful subject for a picture. Thinking of getting my camera and taking a picture would make me miss the beauty of the moment. I might have a picture afterwards, a picture for eternity, but what for? I will have the emotions I feel, the certain atmosphere saved in my brain forever. No picture could replace reality. In the last few months I was attending a lot of concerts and I enjoyed every single one of it. I don't know why, but it was the first time that I realised how many people were having smart phones in their hands recording songs or taking pictures. When I was walking through a rainy night in Zurich 2 hours ago, I was thinking of why we take photographs. Is it to remember certain moments or is it to share certain moments with others? I stopped taking pictures during concerts last year as I felt like I would not really attend the show. With every picture that I took, my brain was concentrating on my phone - and not on the artist. In my opinion CDs and DVDs etc are made for eternity, concerts are for the moment. They will always be in your memory, but with every picture you look at, the memory will change a little bit. 'Cause you can't catch the whole atmosphere in a photograph. I hope you don't get me wrong... I'm not against photographs at all!! But sometimes I think people in the audience would experience more emotion when seeing the concert in reality and not through a lens. Of course, there are also people who can do both at the same time - I can't. So what I wrote here refers to me.

 Sometimes I wonder how it must have been in the 70ies or 80ies. These days you find a lot of Youtube videos, live recordings, setlists, pictures,... on the internet - even one day after an artist started his tour. It's pretty hard not to check all that stuff before you're going to see this artist. A lot of "planned surprises" won't be surprises anymore. How was that before the new techno age?You had no idea what to expect... what songs an artist would play... what show effects he used etc. When Chris de Burgh started his Moonfleet Tour last year I avoided every show review and youtube video. And I was surprised to hear songs I didn't expect. But it's so easy these days to get all the information.

I'm extremely happy to have the chance to live in a such connected world. Thanks to the internet I've got to know people all over the world. Once I was asked in an interview - I think it was after I played the song "Only One Place" - if I was proud to be Swiss. I thought for a moment and replied that I cannot be proud on something that is not my fault. Actually, I feel home wherever I am... the world is my home... and the world gets smaller and smaller. Thinking of how long it took to send a letter from Switzerland to the other side of the world compared to how easy it is to send a text message or an email - it's crazy, isn't it?? But as it is so easy to get new friends all over the world, isn't it hard to build up a "real" friendship? Even having thousands of friends on facebook does not replace the friends you talk to in the real world. I'm having quite a few friends on facebook, unfortunately I haven't met a lot of them in reality. But I would love to hear their stories, to hear what they think about life and death, about the world, etc. For me there is nothing as inspiring as talking to people, people with a completely different philosophy, with a different way of life, with a differenct culture - those differences open myself and thanks to those differences I will never rest. "A rolling stone gathers no moss!" - that's an old proverb, and it is so true...

 I'm just listening to Chopin's Nocturne - that's a great way to calm down after a wild night... Gotta get some sleep now!It's always interesting to hear (or read) your opinions about what I wrote in my blog.

Good night everyone......

Cheers, Gion

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