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Bonsoir! Just a short diary entry, pretty tired, need to get some sleep. The days in Trier were fantastic - short nights though. Did a lot of spontaneous performances, met a lot of new people and just had a good time. Today I travelled to Amiens via Paris. It felt weird to be back at Gare du Nord; one year ago I took the TGV to Calais. When I waited for the TGV I walked around the building, sat down and wrote the song "A Better Day". The more you sing a song, the more you forget its original meaning, today everything returned. Amiens is a beautiful town with a famous cathedral, I took a crappy hotel though. It's the first time that I would love to throw the TV out of the window... I went for a walk through the town, listened to some buskers and went to see an illumination show of the cathedral - impressive! Gonna take the ferry from Calais to Dover tomorrow. Finally!! Missed England: The people, the food, the weather - I'm not joking!!  Good night everyone! Gion x

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ACCELERATE! While the plane is accelerating, thoughts are whirling around and around, around they go in both directions, meeting, greeting, hushing, rushing, 'til the sun goes down and night falls in.


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