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Jan '12 | Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll

"Due to technical problems, this train will be late"

A good opportunity to write a new Blog

Do you know this feeling when you suddenly wake up at night and you're scared because you don't know where you are? Then you find out that it is a familiar room and you fall asleep again. Imagine that you have no idea where you are even after some time of thinking...... That's what happened to me a lot this week. When I did my Europe Tour last year it was even worse.

I went back on tour last Saturday and since then I changed beds and towns every day. It's an incredible experience to meet so many great people and to see so many beautiful places. At the same time it is weird and hard to stay focused. Sometimes it even feels like losing reality, as there is not enough time to think of what is happening.

(i'll be back... Train is working again!!)

(Back... And it's already 9pm. Enjoyed a beautiful day in Bamberg!)

Often people tell me that being on tour must be the easiest part of a musician's life... 2 hours working per day... Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll... Rubbish! I've hardly never been as exhausted as I was after finishing the Europe Tour. The reason is not only performing, but especially travelling and all the already mentioned daily changes.

Tomorrow I'm heading back to Seitzerland for the weekend, as an extraordinary female singer will record a song with me for our new album. On Sunday my piano player Claudio and I are going to support a young "Art on Ice"-Talent. On Monday I'll return to Germany - to one of my favourite towns: Trier. I'm looking forward to that. Last year, Trier was my first 'stage appearence' of the Europe Tour - and I was more than feelinf nervous!! But this performance gave me the strenth and the self-confidence to do this solo stuff. I also met some unique people there and I can't wait to see them all again!

I could tell you much more about my touring experiences, but I don't know if anyone will read this one until the end ;-) ... and it's 1:47am - I gotta get up at 7am......

Cheers from Bamberg! Gion

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Maria Chase
Maria Chase
Sep 19, 2021

Thhanks great blog

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