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"Rail Tracks" Tour Diary #6: Münchwilen

Hi There,

We just returned from a great night at Sound Industrie in Münchwilen. The staff was very friendly and we felt comfortable from the very beginning. As it was the first show of the "Rail Tracks-Tour", we had no idea how the audience would react. We had a lot of fun and it felt good to be back on stage with my band "The Lighthouse Project". I really love playing solo, but still it is better to share the stage with good friends and great musicians!

Before the show started, I went backstage to do some warm up exercises. For some reason I felt too relaxed and I tried to tell me "stage time soon! stage time soon!". But I stayed in this relaxed mood until the middle of the first part. Suddenly during the song "A Window to the Sea" a voice in my head shouted "you're on stage!!" (even though there was no stage in the venue..) Due to this relaxed feeling I didn't really concentrate on my song announcements and I said a lot of crap... But as far as I heard the audience, it seemed to like my non-sense sentences.

I was very happy to see that Eveline Battaglia-Sutter attended the concert. She sang the duet "Keep on Fighting" on the Lost in Limbo - album with me. In the break I asked her if she remembers the lyrics - she did. So we played Keep on Fighting in the second set - and her voice blew me away again. She's incredible!! That's what the Rail Tracks-Tour is all about. No concert will be like the other one. Song requests are appreciated. So send me a message if you want to hear a particular song on a particular show.

Usually after the first show of a tour we should have a big aftershow party. But I guess we were all too tired... We had a few drinks and drove back home through the snow.

Next stop is again a solo show.. Zurich.. It'll be my first concert in the city of Zurich. This year is awesome so far... Didn't expect so much to happen, but I'm enjoying every moment and I'm happy to share it with you!! Thanks for being a part of our journey!

Need to get some sleep now...

Happy weekend to everyone out there & take care in the snow..

Off and out, Gion x

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