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Boredom (Lockdown Poem)

4 April 2020

Boredom I've moved every painting

put it on every wall

repainted every chamber

colours - I've tried them all

Moved all the furniture

to where it doesn't belong

I spoke every rhyme

and wrote every song. I talk to all my plants

and even answer for them

spiders are my best friends

as they're the ones that dance bugs I like as well they bring life to my hell

while birds on the sill

mock me with their will. I've read every papers

and re-read all books

still hoping for something greater

collecting all their hooks.

But those lines do not stay

for my head is on stand-by

the whole world seems grey

when it leaves its goodbye. The kitchen is my laboratory

pasta my rats

a thousand different sauces

countless aprons, hundred hats

to feel more professional

to feel like a champion

but I'm only an apprentice

the size of a champignon. When all this is over

I will change my life around.

I promise to get sober

to build life on solid ground.

Yes, I promise black on white

so be it, come what may. But then again...

I'm only writing my boredom away.

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