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What's on our agenda right now: After the release of our latest single Who We Are and its remix we started working on our new album and are really looking forward to the recording process. Apart from our studio work we are on tour with our Darkness Visible concerts in 2020 again. There are shows planned in Switzerland, France, Germany and the Netherlands.


In their new song "Who We are", Swiss band Gion Stump & The Lighthouse Project hold up a mirror to society: On their way to find out who and what human beings really are, the band takes the viewer into a world governed by major corporations in which pseudo-autonomous human beings are mere puppets in service of the economy. Nevertheless, "Who We Are" is more than a mental journey to the core of human existence. The band undertook a real journey to Mallorca where they recorded the song at Palma Studios with Swiss producer Rico H. However, the new song does neither spread summer feeling nor does it resemble a Ballermann hit à la Micky Krause – yet, the band leaves the melancholy tone and the darkness of the last album behind and is ready for new adventures. 


Once again, the band was accompanied by film maker Sandro Horber (SWISSFILM). "Who We Are" was mixed by Peter Månsson in Stockholm and mastered by Randy Merrill (Sterling Sound) in New Jersey.

Gion Stump (Vocals, Guitar)
Orlando De Toffol (E-Guitar)
Claudio Weder (Piano, Synthesizer)
Reto Stump (Drums)
Samuel Näf (E-Bass, Violin)




Q20 Music

Iwan D'Alonzo

Grienstrasse 22

CH-2542 Pieterlen


Phone: + 41 78 801 93 93



Christa Wenger

Bleichiring 3

CH-4460 Gelterkinden


Phone: + 41 79 819 37 30


  • Vertoef Nijmegen NL, 2018

  • Kulturkirche Dormagen DE, 2018

  • Palace St. Gallen, 2017

  • Gurtenfestival, 2015

  • Clanx Festival, Appenzell, 2015

  • St. Gallerfest 2015

  • Honky Tonk Festival, St. Gallen, 2014-2017

  • Le Picotin, Châlet de Claude Nobs, Montreux, 2015

  • SummerDays Festival, Arbon, 2014

  • Openair Bischofszell, 2014

  • Montreux Jazz Café 2013/2014 (Paris, London, Genf) (Solo)

  • Orchesterkonzerte mit dem Sinfonieorchester Camerata Salonistica, 2013 (Tonhalle Wil, Tonhalle St. Gallen)

  • Weihern unplugged, St. Gallen, 2013

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Sophie Pol-Simon

Colchester UK


Phone: +44 (0) 7714 707620


Gion Stump & The Lighthouse Project

Samuel Näf

Urnäschstrasse 12

CH-9014 St. Gallen


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